Crispy Shrimp With Spinach Remoulade

1st Set
2nd Set
3rd Set
Basic Batter
Pick Up

Spinach Remoulade

  1. Combine 1st Set in food processor, and process to combine. Emulsify with 2nd Set, transfer to bowl, and stir in 3rd Set.

Basic Batter

  1. Pour soda water into bowl, add all-purpose flour, and whisk until almost smooth.  Remake once flat. (Make this batter immediately before cooking.)


Canola Oil
5 Shrimp: 16-20, peeled, deveined, head & tail removed
All-Purpose Flour
1 batch Basic Batter
¼ cup Spinach Remoulade
1 Lime Wedge

Fill fryer pot halfway up with canola oil, and preheat to 375°F. Dredge shrimp in all-purpose flour until coated. Tap shrimp to remove excess flour, and dip into Basic Batter. Fry shrimp in oil until golden brown and crispy. Remove shrimp, and immediately blot to remove excess oil. Season with salt, and place on warm plate. Serve with Spinach Remoulade and lime wedge.


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