Premium Blend

The blend that includes watercress.

This beautiful new blend from B&W will elevate any dish. A visually dynamic combination of greens mixed with watercress, our premium blend is a nutritional powerhouse of vibrant flavor and delightful crunch. You’ll love how they elegant and complex flavors of this blend complement dressing and toppings. The blend’s full, fluffy leaves are hardy and stand up to even the most acidic dressings. For over 150 years, B&W brings distinguished versatility to any table.

Features and Benefits

  • Colorful blend for show-stopping dishes
  • Resilient and holds up to all dressings
  • Fluffier leaves fill up the plate
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Nutrition-packed SuperLeaves®
  • Versatile – can be use in salads, sandwiches and entrees
  • Available year-round from a single trusted source
  • Triple-washed and air-tunnel dried
  • Special packaging preserves freshness and flavor and reduces spoilage
  • 100% usable and ready to eat
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Premium Blend
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